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In the News

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh wears one of our Boston Strong masks!

Boston Strong Face Mask

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The Athlete Mask is Born!

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BOSTON — All Massachusetts residents are now required to wear masks or facial coverings when in public.

An executive order signed by Gov. Charlie Baker last week took effect Wednesday mandating the use of masks when individuals are not able to socially distance themselves from others.  

Under the order, masks must be worn in grocery stores and pharmacies, on public transit and in cabs, taxis and ride-hailing services. The order also allows store owners to deny entry to anyone not wearing a mask.

Those who refuse could face fines as high as $300.

Children under 2 are exempt, as are those with certain medical conditions.

The use of masks is key to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, Baker said Wednesday.

“It’s clear this virus is highly contagious and can be spread person to person without symptoms,” the Republican said at a press conference.

The order defines a facial covering as anything that covers the nose and mouth, including masks, scarfs or bandannas. People should not use medical-grade face masks, which should be reserved for medical workers, Baker said.